Relationship(s) between the elements of design and the principles of design

Features of a user interface

Logical and hierarchical organisation of content

Graphical user interface (GUI) suitable for target audience

Relevant help features of a graphical user interface (usability, inclusivity, accessibility)


Accessibility addresses discriminatory aspects related to equivalent user experience for people with disabilities, including people with age-related impairments. For the web, accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with websites and tools, and that they can contribute equally without barriers. For more information, see the Accessibility introduction.


Usability and user experience design is about designing products to be effective, efficient, and satisfying. Specifically, ISO defines usability as the “extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals effectively, efficiently and with satisfaction in a specified context of use" (in ISO 9241-11).


Inclusive design, universal design, and design for all involves designing products, such as websites, to be usable by everyone to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation. Inclusion addresses a broad range of issues including access to and quality of hardware, software, and Internet connectivity; computer literacy and skills; economic situation; education; geographic location; and language — as well as age and disability.


Annotate designs when working on a digital product and/or digital solution

Annotation Template

  1. Describe the element and/or principle within the composition. Note its exact location. What does the element and/or principle do? Where is the element and/or principle that you are describing?
  2. Discuss the technical impact of the element and/principle. What effect does the element and/or principle have?
  3. Explain how this element and/or principle impacts mood, atmosphere, designer’s motive and/purpose, symbolic references, usability, accessibility. How does this element and/or principle affect the design? How does this relate back to the target audience characteristics?
  4. Back it up with another element or principle. What does the element and/or principle do?

Use appropriate elements of design and the principles of design for a chosen digital medium

Create logical and hierarchical organisation of content

Develop navigation controls suitable to the chosen digital medium

Suitable navigation controls for mobile apps (phones, tablets)

Suitable navigation controls for websites

Suitable navigation controls for desktop applications

Critically analyse the relationship(s) between the elements of design and the principles of design